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How to Protect Your Corset

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How to Protect Your Corset | BlackCorset

Black Latex Shaper 25 Steel Bones Corset Underbust Waist Training CorsetCorsets are more special than other clothing. It has more weight in your closet than any other style of clothing, giving them special care and attention that will keep you in top shape at all times. To this end, we give four suggestions that will allow you to better wear a corset and make the corset has a longer life!

1) Seasonal corset

For this we have to emphasize many times, especially when you are trying for the first time wearing a steel boned corset

Even if you are a fanatic pursuer, it will take time to get used to when you start trying steel skeleton bodice.

When you wear a corset for the first time, you have to give them some time to adapt to each other. On the one hand, adapt your body to the corset and adapt your corset to suit you. When you touch a corset, the temptation will prompt you to tighten it as much as possible; but doing so is harmful and can damage you and the corset at the same time.


For the recommended new corset, when you start wearing it, you can wear it at home for a few hours a day, wearing relatively loose clothing outside. After a few weeks, try to tighten slowly according to your physical condition.


In the end, let it completely match your size, and it will take time to fully adapt. At the time of this adaptation Loli, we must maintain a relaxed attitude and give enough patience. After a while, you will be amazed at its effectiveness and thank you for your persistence.

2) Cleaning

Because your corset has steel components, they will rust if washed. Dry cleaning is recommended, but for small daily dirt, you can scrub with a damp cloth. One thing to note is that when cleaning is complete, remember to dry it, preferably in a fume hood, which will allow water to evaporate faster.

3) Place your corset flatly

Flat corsets are the best way to store them. The steel frame inside the bodice must remain flat and cannot be bent, so some space is needed to ensure this. The drawer is the ideal place to place a bodice, but remember that you cannot place too many other clothes at the same time.... Nor can you place too many bodice.

4) Your own corset is only worn by yourself

"Oh, your corset looks great. I always wanted to buy one! Can I try it?"


Regardless of who you are, you must have a consistent and firm refusal to answer." The bodice and its owner are honored and altogether, and die in the same life. You will spend time and effort to watch them look bad in your friends or relatives. Even if it has matched your figure, it will still pose the risk of malformation, during the time the corset has left your body. Time can change everything, it can adapt your bra to your body shape, if you change The owner, they began to adapt gradually to the shape of their new masters.

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author: BlackCorset date: 2020-06-14
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